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Uniquely, The McGuire Programme combines physical techniques (breathing and relaxation) with mental strategies for dealing with the fear of stuttering, as well as developing an assertive attitude towards it!

About Us

Changing Lives Since 1994

In 1994 at age 45, after a lifetime of dealing with the debilitating affects of a severe stammer, Dave McGuire developed a method based on breathing done by many opera singers (called “Costal Breathing”) and a traditional psychological approach known as ‘non-avoidance’.

From this, more components, such as sports psychology and ways to counteract the freezing, struggle and distortion (and accompanying tricks and avoidance), were added to refine this physical and mental/emotional approach resulting in a profound improvement in Dave’s own speech.

Soon, the word was out that there was something new and effective available, and those seeking an answer made the trip to Dave’s home in Holland for his 4 day course. Those successful with this new approach would go back to their own countries telling their stories to radio and newspapers.  Before the end of the year, Dave was getting phone calls stating; “There are 10  people here who would like to give this a try! Why don’t you come here?” As time went on those experienced veterans would come back to help with the new recruits and to improve themselves. From this it was obvious that those who have themselves conquered stammering make the best coaches to help others who stammer.

Within 5 years, just by this organic process,  Regions were established in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Holland, Australia, New Zealand,  South Africa, and the United States. Currently, in addition to these, the McGuire Programme is now also in Mexico, Spain, India and the Middle East (Dubai).

  • In the media

    Graduates of the McGuire Programme enjoy talking to the media (newspapers/radio/TV) about the remarkable changes in their lives after joining the programme. The following media clips are evidence that the McGuire Programme does work and is a life-changing experience for many people.

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    Learn how the McGuire Programme can help you move beyond stuttering and speak confidently with the FREE PROGRAMME INFORMATION BOOKLET.

  • How the programme works

    The McGuire Programme is a programme developed and run by people who have stuttered but now live full lives free from the fear, anxiety and limitations imposed by stuttering behaviour. We know how you feel, and understand the problems, frustrations and fears associated with stuttering. The McGuire technique is a holistic and multi-faceted programme dealing with the whole person.

  • Meet the People

    Emmet O’Connell – Regional Director

    By 2004, after 38 years of struggling with my speech and dependant on avoidance behaviours, I finally plucked up the courage to address my stutter and I decided to join The McGuire Programme. Stuttering controlled all aspects of my life, both on a physical and psychological level. The build up of anxiety and fear before tough (and often not so tough) speaking situations reinforced the physical struggle to say even the shortest of sentences. My stutter affected my family members, friends and work colleagues in that they were often compelled to speak for me when the words would simply not come out!


Graduates of the McGuire Programme enjoy talking to the media (newspapers/radio/TV) about the remarkable changes in their lives after joining the programme. The following media clips are evidence that the McGuire Programme does work and is a life-changing experience for many people.

What others say about us

Sandra has growing confidence & encouragement to be herself when speaking to others, as well as starting up conversations. The ability to use her techniques from the course & implement her experiences of stammering in relation to a module called Language Development outlined in Sandra’s college course.

KarenSandra Hough’s Friend

I have known Sharon for over 30 years and I have seen a huge change since she joined the McGuire programme. She is more confident & she no longer looks for me to help her finish her words or sentences. She has come such a long way thanks to the McGuire Programme & I’m so proud of her.

Samantha Dowd
Samantha DowdSharon Gavillet’s friend

I have to admit that Juliusz came through total metamorphose if it comes to the level of confidence, assertiveness along with total improvement in his speech, thinking about working to become a McGuire coach in the future. Seeing him working hard everyday – following the programme & techniques, taking up new challenges – makes me the proudest of him than ever before (though I always was).

Grazyna Chyla-Kaczmarek
Grazyna Chyla-KaczmarekJuliusz’s wife

Since our Mother joined The McGuire Programme, she has more confidence when she speaks, especially when she speaks in a group.

Cian & Robbie Gavillet
Cian & Robbie Gavillet Sharon Gavillet’s sons